Youtube Channel Ideas – Tips For Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

Right now YouTube could be the second strongest search results in the world behind Google. (which by the way owns YouTube) So if you have a very business or a website your looking to advertise it makes sense to possess videos there.

But posting videos isn’t enough to have plenty of traffic; you should know how you can optimize your videos to enable them to be found. Here’s a list of things you can do to optimize your videos as well as your channel to obtain more traffic.

Optimizing your YouTube channel

When making a new channel here are several of what you must do. While they’re really quite simple it’s amazing that many people do not do these.

1. Title – Include your company name inside the title
2. Email location – Use this so others will find your channel through email
3. Tags – Choose a couple of tags you would like to target, these needs to be comparable to ones you’re currently using for your website
4. Theme color – Choose a theme color that suits the colors of your respective website or business
5. Include the following three modules on your channel page: comments, subscriptions and friends.
6. Include your business or websites URL within the website section.

Attract Views for your YouTube channel

Design of the channel

Designing of the channel on YouTube plays a huge role. It forms the initial impression and is also decisive to make the individual’s visit worthwhile you aren’t. This is where the viewer decides perhaps the channel will deliver because it promises or not.


Put lots of variety in your channel. Make it as informative however, not boring concurrently. People of various backgrounds may be targeted easily in case your channel has “something for everyone” kind of a look.